Type Poster: In the End, Only Three Things Matter

While (somewhat) still being at liberty, I decided to create as many typography posters as I could. These could either be from a quote, or a specific theme or design style I want to explore.

Upon writing this, I recently stumbled upon this interesting, supposedly Buddhist quote on Reddit. The third thing mentioned is something I’m really trying to incorporate into my life mantra.

In The End: Three Things that Matter Poster
How much you loved,
How gently you lived,
How gracefully you let go of things not meant for you.

Bring Your Own Benta

A few months ago, I chanced upon my good friend Mansy at the 2014 Manila FAME trade show. We were talking about setting up a flea market-type event to showcase works and products by artists and enthusiasts in the Katipunan area.

While still figuring out how I’d go with my whole Freelancing strategy, I decided to give it a go. Together with my college buddy Sanndra, we ended up whipping the entire event in a short timespan – and boy were we overwhelmed with the turnout!

Here is the poster I made for the event:

Bring Your Own Benta Katipunan

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