An Offering to Love’s Past

Once again, went for a 360 treatment of doing the actual product design and the UI/UX mockups. I decided to go for a fictional wine brand called ‘An offering to love’s past’. I wanted to go for something melancholic with the brand’s name, without it getting too dark. - I wanted a good contrast between the key image based on Maria van Oosterwijk’s ‘Flower Still Life’ painting to show a colourful, yet melancholic tone that usually is associated with red wines. - Created a basic branding identity + hierarchy. - After deciding on the hierarchy and base elements I went on to build the one-page mockup from there. - The hi-fi mockup follows a 12 column grid structure, with a little bit of grid breaking here and there. - CTA buttons are in high contrast red so it does not drown with the rest of the elements.
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